NEW! dejavu

What dejavu promises are breathtaking eyelashes and
long-lasting lines.
With dejavu, we uplift women's confidence for new beginnings.

An unchanging wish, in a new form.

Dramatic effect through simple application

Paint-on False Lashes

Paint-on False Lashes Lifting Type

Paint-on False Lashes Volume Type

Paint-on False Lashes Lengthening Type

Paint-on False Lashes Highlighting Your Own Type

Coats each and every lash,
for a gorgeous finished look.
Film-type avoids “panda eyes”
but is removable with warm water.

24H Bright and Bold

Stay-on Eyeliner

Ultra-thin Cream Pencil

Lasting Fine Brush Liquid

Lasting Fine Pencil

Short Brush Liquid

Cream pencil

Stay-on Eyeliner repels sebum,
perspiration, tears and smudge-proof
to keep lines looking freshly drawn all day long.


Film Type Eyebrow Color

Powder Base Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow color that delivers a natural finish.

Pick Up

Dramatic length, flawless beauty

Lengthening Type

Ultra Long


Accentuates even
“invisible lashes”

Your Own Type

Lash Up


Exceeding gel!
Cream Pencil

Cream pencil

Lasting Fine
Cream Pencil