Accentuates even “invisible lashes”

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Defines and accentuates natural lashes,
and won't grow dull over time

What are “invisible lashes”?

It turns out that 25% of lashes remain uncoated!*1
Those are the “invisible lashes” of the very thin,
downy type “lashes in tight areas” such as the inner and outer corners of the eye.
Coats all lashes without missing any gives natural yet dramatic lashes.
*1 Internal study

Neither long nor full
– a completely new concept

Point 1

Smooth fit film

High-adhesion formula that actively coats all lashes- even the short and thin eyelashes that seem invisible. Smooth, fine formula that evenly coats from the root to the tip of each lash. A beautiful finish that separates lashes from the root without clumping.

Newly developed “Smooth fit film”

Newly developed “Smooth fit film”

Point 2

Ultra-thin 1.5mm *2 triangular brush

Even coats all the “lashes in tight areas” such as the inner/outer corners of the eye and the lower lashes. It coats even new lash growth at the base, so lashes of all kinds are coated from root to tip and evenly accentuated.
*2 Shortest diameter of brush head

Ultra-thin 1.5mm*2 triangular brush

Secret of triangular shape

Point 3

No panda eyes – rinses off with warm water.

Repels sebum, perspiration, and tears, and also resists rubbing, keeping “panda eyes” at bay all day long. To take it off, just rub gently with plenty of warm water for easy removal.

No panda eyes – rinses off with warm water.

Active Ingredients


How to

Tips for a beautiful finish

Hold hands steady

Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara

Apply with the flat side of the triangular brush instead of the corner to get more liquid onto the lashes.

Holding the wand like a pencil will keep hands steady and prevent liquid from getting onto eyelids.

If using an eyelash curler, use curler before applying.

Lash Up

Lash Up